Jade, Midway, Chicago, 2015 by Paul D'Amato

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Jade, Midway, Chicago, 2015 by Paul D'Amato


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Paul D'Amato
Jade, Midway, Chicago, 2015
9 x 7 in. on 11 x 8.5 in. paper
Archival pigment print on
Canson Baryta paper 
Edition of 75

About Paul's D'Amato's new series Midway

"This work began by photographing around Midway Airport in Chicago, one of the few airports in the United States embedded within a residential area of a city. What surrounds this airport is a kind of urban twilight zone that is more easily defined by what it’s next to than by what it is. Though all working-class, this is a grey area of the city that most of us actively try to ignore on our way to an airport that is a conduit for more noteworthy destinations. Just about every ethnic group lives here, against a backdrop of strip malls, fast food, light industry, shipping, and transportation. Everyone is midway between poverty and middle class, all striving to be somewhere else, although few have flown on the jets that incessantly make their dishes rattle every five minutes. There’s nowhere less romantic. The challenge is to weave these incoherent pieces together into a body of work that could be anywhere in the United States, because it is emphatically midway, and distinctly nowhere." 

About the Artist

Paul D'Amato was born in Boston where he attended Boston Latin School at the height of racial unrest, civil rights, and bussing. He moved to Oregon to attend Reed College and claims to have learned as much from traveling cross-country four times a year--often by hitchhiking and hopping freight trains--as he did in class. After receiving an MFA from Yale University, he moved to Chicago where he discovered the communities of Pilsen and Little Village. The pictures and writing D'Amato produced there over the next fourteen years were published in the book Barrio (2006, University of Chicago Press). D'Amto teaches at Collumbia College Chicago and has recently completed a twelve year project made in the African American community on Chicago's West Side. A version of the project was published as We Shall in 2013 to coincide with a solo exhibition at the DePaul Art Museum. A comprehensive monograph of the project titled HereStillNow will be released in 2017. D'Amato has been awarded numerous grants and fellowships including a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Pollock-Krasner Grant, and a Rockefeller Foundation Grant to Bellagio, Italy. He work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the High Museum of Art.